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Herbalife Preferred Customer Benefits

    Join Herbalife and get up to 50% discounts on all your order. See how here.

    Herbalife preferred customer benefits include a product discount and free shipping. You can also earn rewards and get exclusive product previews. However, it is important to note that Herbalife members cannot resell the products or sponsor new people.

    Herbalife’s preferred member numbers are viewed as a referendum on genuine consumer demand for its products. Herbalife needs a strong number to maintain its image with investors.


    As a Herbalife Preferred member, you can purchase products at a discounted price. You can also earn points and rewards that you can use to get even better discounts. Herbalife also offers free shipping on orders of $100 or more. In addition, you can also access exclusive online events and support from the company’s team of experts.

    It is important to note that Herbalife’s preferred membership program does not make you a distributor of Herbalife. It is important for the business model and future of Herbalife to distinguish between a Herbalife customer and a Herbalife reseller. This distinction was created to create clarity for distributors, customers, employees and investors. However, Herbalife does allow you to change your status to distributor from preferred member if you want to sell the products and work the business.

    Herbalife charter preferred members can earn discounts on product purchases but are not eligible for higher level compensation programs or royalties. This is a small price for the convenience of buying Herbalife products on sale.

    Herbalife had more than 466 926 Preferred Members in the world as of April 5, 2017. Herbalife has made a lot of money from this large number of new members. Herbalife’s Welcome Back Promotion lasted for approximately three weeks, and could have generated up to 150,000 Herbalife Preferred Members accounts.

    In the United States and India, Herbalife preferred members are not allowed to resell or sponsor new people. They do, however, receive a 25% discount off their product purchases. In addition, they can accumulate what Herbalife calls “documented volume” on their myHerbalife website. This volume is then used to determine the percentage of royalty overides for their upline.

    Herbalife has a complicated distribution plan, and new recruits often don’t understand how the company makes money. Distributors who buy more Herbalife products and sponsor others to do the same can move up the plan, and earn a commission based on the sales of distributors they recruit. They can also earn bonuses when the people in their downline make more sales than they do.

    Free Shipping

    Free shipping is an important feature for Herbalife preferred customers. Not only is it a great incentive for customers to sign up, but it also allows Herbalife to reduce shipping costs and pass the savings on to its customer base. However, the company must make sure that its logistics are set up to handle the additional volume. If the company cannot meet the demand it may not be in a position to continue to offer this incentive.

    In order to qualify for the free Herbalife products, customers must make a minimum purchase of $25. The discount is valid on most Herbalife Nutrition fitness products and personal care items. However, apparel, brochures, cases, tablet dispensers, boxes, starter kits and containers are excluded. The promotion is available to new and existing Herbalife preferred members who have an active account and are in good standing.

    Herbalife is doing a great job in the US by increasing its Preferred Member ranks. However, once all of these members retire from Herbalife or cancel their memberships, it will be difficult to maintain the momentum. Herbalife must find a way of converting as many members into Herbalife Independent Distributors.

    The company is actively recruiting in India for this purpose. It is the largest English-speaking country outside the United States, with 125 million English-speaking people. In addition to this, the Herbalife system was written with an English-speaking audience in mind. This means that it will be easier for Herbalife to swell up its Preferred Member numbers than it would be to modify the system to handle another language.

    Herbalife has recently changed its terminology to distinguish between members and distributors. Distributors are now called “associates,” and preferred members are now known as “members.” Herbalife wanted to create clarity for customers, employees, investors, and others in the business.

    Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or become healthy, Herbalife can help you achieve your goals. To get started, contact a Herbalife Wellness Coach and learn more about the company’s products. Then, you can decide if you want to become an Herbalife Distributor and earn commissions or simply enjoy the benefits of being a Preferred Member.

    Enjoy the Benefits

    Aside from discounts on Herbalife products, Herbalife preferred customers also earn points and rewards based on their purchases. These points are accumulated on your account, and you can use them to purchase products or upgrade to the next discount level. Preferred members also receive The Scoop, which is a biweekly magazine with recipes, fitness tips and other useful information. Herbalife also offers free shipping and special promotions for its preferred customers.

    Herbalife, a direct marketing firm that offers nutritional products and weight-loss programs, is a direct marketer. In the US and India, its products are sold by distributors known as “Associates”. A person who wants to sell Herbalife products and earn income as a distributor must first become a Herbalife member. You can complete the Herbalife Membership Application and Agreement either online or on paper. The company also offers a Welcome Back promotion that allows former Herbalife members to rejoin the business for free.

    As soon as a person joins Herbalife, they can earn income from their retail sales and sponsor other Herbalife distributors. Distributors are eligible to earn up 40% of the total sales made by their downline. They can also receive free products and incentives. The company is also known as a leader in innovative recruiting and training. Herbalife’s product line includes a variety of weight-loss, nutrition, and personal-care products.

    A Herbalife independent distributor (HID) is someone who enjoys the maximum product discounts and has a business opportunity to work from home part-time or full time to grow their own Herbalife business as a Balanced Nutrition Consultant, earning residual income. In addition, distributors can earn income on the documented retail sales and on the Herbalife products purchased by their downline.

    If you want to earn the best possible Herbalife discount, you should sign up as a Herbalife Preferred Customer straight away. This will allow you to earn points and access to free shipping. However, you should not change your status from HID to a Preferred Member because you will lose your distributor volume, which means that you won’t be able to earn the income you earned for your Herbalife business.


    As a Herbalife Preferred member, you get a discount on Herbalife products. You also earn points for each purchase, which can be redeemed for rewards or used towards a discount on future purchases. Preferred Members may also upgrade to become Herbalife Distributors (in the US) and Associates in India. When you make this move, you can start earning commission on your personal volume. Herbalife also offers a variety of other perks, including free shipping and exclusive rewards.

    Herbalife’s earnings report on May 4th will reveal how many Preferred Members the company has. This number is viewed as a proxy for genuine consumer demand for the company’s products. A strong number will help Herbalife to fend off allegations of being a pyramid scheme.

    New Herbalife recruits are often misled about how they can make money with the company. They are told that with hard work they can make a lot of money from Herbalife. They are not told that it is difficult and expensive to advance in Herbalife’s compensation plan. They are also not told that the majority of their recruits won’t make any money.

    It is important to understand the difference between a Herbalife Preferred Member and an Herbalife Independent Distributor. Both types of Herbalife Members use the products to their own consumption, and can get a discount of 25% on Herbalife nutrition products. However, preferred members are not allowed to sell Herbalife products or sponsor new people. Preferred Members may switch to distributor status with a small charge at any time.

    Herbalife President Des Walsh stated in the Q1 earnings conference that “the majority of Herbalife Members join simply to get a product discount.” Walsh also stated that 466,926 U.S. members of Herbalife were not earning income. This is a major problem for Herbalife.

    Herbalife has taken steps to correct the problem, by offering its products in India. It is a great place to increase Herbalife’s pool of Preferred members, as India has 125,000,000 English-speaking people. The company can recruit faster and easier in the country.

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