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Herbalife Distributor Discount Levels

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    Herbalife has several discount levels that you can qualify for through accumulating Personal Volume (PV) points. These include Bronze, silver, gold and supervisor.

    Herbalife distributors who are Qualified Producers earn PV points when they buy products for themselves or sell them to customers. They can also earn PV points when they recruit new Distributors into their team.

    Preferred Member

    Herbalife offers a number of different discount levels to help their customers save money and earn more income. These Herbalife Distributor Discount Levels apply to retail and wholesale purchases and can also be used to qualify for exclusive promotions and offers. These levels include Preferred member, distributor, and Supervisor.

    The Preferred Member discount can be a great option for those who are only interested in purchasing Herbalife products and do not want to engage in a business or recruit others. This level is open to anyone and does not require any monthly sales quota. Those who choose this level may upgrade to distributor status at any time.

    Those who are serious in their Herbalife business and nutrition opportunity should start at the distributor level. This allows them the opportunity to earn income from their retail sales and those of their downline, as well as sponsoring others. The distributor level requires a monthly sales quota and a monthly purchase of 500 volume points.

    Distributors who wish to earn more money should strive to become supervisors. This is the highest discount level and also provides a larger retail income opportunity. To become a supervisor, a distributor must earn 2,500 volume points in two consecutive months. They must also re-qualify for the supervisor level each year between February 1 and January 31.

    When you achieve a Herbalife Supervisor status, you receive a 50% wholesale discount on all products and also earn additional income from the multi-level compensation plan. However, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to reach this level. Herbalife encourages supervisors to put the needs of team members and clients before their own personal consumption and earnings.

    First-Level Distributor

    When you join Herbalife as a distributor, you can earn money and get a discount on Herbalife products. It takes time and dedication to build a successful company. Herbalife discount levels must also be understood. These discount levels are based on the volume of your sales and recruitment. Understanding Herbalife’s discount levels can help you save money on Herbalife products and reach higher level commissions.

    Herbalife’s first-level distributor discount is 25%. This is the lowest discount Herbalife offers, but many customers enjoy this level because it’s easy to maintain. This discount level allows you to make a profit from your Herbalife sales.

    The next level is Silver, which offers discounts of 30%. This level can be achieved by earning 500 VP within a volume month. Once you reach this level, you can earn Wholesale Profits, Royalty Overrides, Production Bonuses and Vacations. To qualify for these rewards you must maintain at least 2,500 VP over a period of 12 months.

    The final Herbalife discount level is Gold, which offers discounts of 40%. You can qualify for this level by earning 2,500 VP in one volume month. Once you reach this level, you will be eligible to earn Wholesale Profits and Product Credits. You can also earn Vacations and other compensation.

    Herbalife uses a unique system to calculate volume. These volume points accumulate from your personal purchases of Herbalife products, referred to as Personally Purchased Volume, and the volume purchased by Distributors in your downline who are not yet Supervisors, referred to as Group Volume. The total of both types of volume is known as Matching Volume. Herbalife uses this amount to validate the qualification of new Supervisors in your downline.

    Second-Level Distributor

    Herbalife has a variety of products that can help people achieve their wellness and health goals. Herbalife offers a business opportunity to individuals who wish to become independent distributors. In addition to earning commissions on sales, Herbalife distributors can qualify for higher discount levels on Herbalife products. These higher discount levels are based on the personal volume (PV) points that you accumulate. The lower your PV level is, the less commissions you’ll earn and the fewer discounts on products.

    Herbalife’s lowest discount level is Member. To qualify as a Herbalife member, you need to purchase a distributor’s kit and earn at least 0 PV points per month. Senior Consultant requires a monthly minimum of 500 PV to qualify for product discounts and commissions. Supervisor is the final Herbalife discount level, offering a 50% discount off all Herbalife product. To reach this level you must be a supervisor or higher and meet certain monthly sales and recruitment goals.

    In order to reach the highest Herbalife Distributor Discount Levels, you must work hard and be committed to your business. Set goals and attend training sessions with top distributors to make the most out of your Herbalife Career. Herbalife also provides distributors with marketing tools and support to help them succeed in their business.

    Ultimately, the best way to qualify for higher Herbalife Distributor Discount Levels is to recruit new members and encourage them to sell products. This will allow you to build your team, increase your profits and improve your sales performance.

    Senior Consultant

    Herbalife offers a variety of discounts to distributors. These discounts allow distributors to purchase Herbalife products at a reduced price and build their business. However, the Herbalife product discount levels require a high level of commitment and dedication from distributors to achieve success. The company offers a range of marketing and sales tools to help distributors start their Herbalife businesses.

    The first Herbalife discount level is Senior Consultant, which offers a 35% discount on products purchased. This level is only available after accumulating 500 volume points (VP) within a calendar month. These VP can be combined from multiple orders within the month and expire at the end of the month. Senior Consultants can keep their discount for as long as they pay a nominal annual admin fee.

    To reach the Supervisor status, distributors need to accumulate a total 5,000 VP over 12 months or 2,500 in two consecutive month. This is a great way to earn a substantial income from Herbalife. Supervisors are eligible to earn 10% commission on the volume of their downline team in addition to a 50% wholesale discount. It is important to remember that Supervisors are required to requalify each year for the Qualified Producer Status between February 1 and 31 in order to maintain their Supervisor privileges.

    Herbalife, an international nutrition company with a similar compensation and commission structure to a pyramid scheme, is a global nutrition company. Distributors at top of the pyramid earn money by recruiting new distributors to sell Herbalife products. While this business model can be lucrative for experienced distributors, it is not a good option for newcomers to the Herbalife industry. To avoid falling into this trap, new Herbalife distributors should focus on building relationships with customers and promoting their products.


    A distributor can earn more money when they reach the Supervisor level. Herbalife distributors also have the opportunity to save money on their purchases by buying products at a discount rate based on how many volume points they’ve earned. Discount levels can range from 25% to 50%.

    Herbalife has a wide range of products to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. These include weight management, nutritional supplements, and personal care items. These discounts are a great way to save money on high-quality Herbalife items while still getting what you want.

    In order to qualify for higher Herbalife Distributor Discount Levels, a distributor must meet certain sales requirements. The first requirement is to become a member. This requires a minimal purchase of product, and allows the distributors to receive product discounts as well as commissions for the sales that they make. The next step is to become a Senior Consultant. This level requires 500 value points per month and allows the distributors to receive a discount on products and commissions for retail and wholesale inventories.

    The Product Production Bonus (PPB) is a way for QPs to earn extra income. It is paid on an infinite number of levels. The PPB is a great incentive to drive product sales and recruit new members to the business.

    To qualify for the Supervisor discount, a distributor must earn at least 2,500 PV in two consecutive months. The PV is the volume of product generated by a distributor’s personal purchases as well as the Herbalife products he or she sells to others. Herbalife also calculates a performance index, which is based on the total amount of OV that is produced by a distributor’s downline organization.