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Herbalife Distributor Application

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    Herbalife uses Box for secure training and communication across globally dispersed sales teams. This helps reduce risk and boost productivity.

    New Herbalife members can choose to join as a Preferred Member or Distributor. A Preferred Member can purchase Herbalife products at a discount but cannot do any sales.

    Personal Information

    The applicant must provide personal information, such as their first and last names, address, city, province, zip code, phone number, and email address. The applicant also must agree to the Herbalife Distributor Agreement and certify that he or she is aware of the risks involved in the business and will comply with all Herbalife policies. The company collects these details to protect the rights and interests of its distributors and customers. The company will not share the information with third parties unless it is required by law or a legal request. For more information, the applicant should review Herbalife’s Privacy Policy.

    Herbalife’s distribution network is made up of independent contractors that sell Herbalife directly to consumers as well as to other distributors. The company’s top distributors earn significant bonuses in addition to product discounts and commissions on their sales. Herbalife has several levels of distribution, starting with Member and progressing to Senior Consultant and the Success Builder. The company has a compliance division that monitors distributor behavior and investigates complaints. It is important to remember that building a successful Herbalife business takes time and hard work.

    In order to maintain their Herbalife distributorship, Members must submit product orders monthly, attend meetings and follow the Sales & Marketing Plan. They must also pay an annual Membership Services Fee for computer processing and other services. The company will try to remind the Members of the fee via electronic mail or mail. However, if it is not paid in 30 days, then the Distributorship ends.

    Herbalife distributorships can be transferred to spouses or Life Partners, as long as the transferee is actively involved in the business and meets Herbalife qualifications for recognition12. The company will not approve any transfer that would reduce the current Distributor’s Royalty Override, Production Bonus or Sponsor’s level.

    The company collects non-personal and demographic information such as your phone type, age, whether you have children, and your religious affiliation. It also asks about how you spend your spare time. These data are used to improve Herbalife’s marketing materials and to provide better service to distributors. In addition, the company uses precise location data collected by your mobile device. This information can include your GPS coordinates or cell tower information if you agree.

    Business Information

    You must have an open mind and a clear heart when you first start in the Herbalife world. You need to understand that this is not a get-rich-quick deal, and you will need to put in time and effort. In addition to this, Herbalife offers extensive training and support.

    The Herbalife Direct Selling Association (herbalife) is a global network marketing company that sells nutritional supplements, weight management products, personal care and cosmetics. Multi-level marketing rewards distributors for recruiting others to join the company’s sales force and selling products on its behalf. Its distributorship is regulated by several countries and jurisdictions. Herbalife products are produced and distributed by subsidiaries, affiliates and other companies located all over the world.

    Distributors receive a percentage commission on the products that they sell to consumers. The comission can increase as they advance up the ladder in the Herbalife distribution hierarchy. The Herbalife product line is backed by science and used by millions of customers every day.

    Herbalife uses Cloud Content Management to ensure its sales distributors receive the right information at the right time, no matter where they are located in the world. It also provides a consolidated layer of data in a best-of breed tech stack, including Office 365 and Slack, to make communication more effective.

    As a result of deploying these technologies, Herbalife’s work culture has been revitalized. Its leadership team has shifted its focus to improving processes rather than creating a culture of micromanagement and compliance. Libby’s team has helped bring fresh energy to the work environment, which is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive.

    Herbalife has been making major changes to its business model and product offerings to stay ahead of the curve. It makes more products in-house. This allows it to control the quality of the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the production from the design phase until the delivery of the product to the consumer. In addition, it has accelerated the product pipeline to market, which has been a significant factor in increasing profitability. The result is a more effective, better-quality product and a more loyal customer base.

    Contact Information

    Depending on the country, Herbalife may require personal information including name, address, telephone number and email address. Applicants must be 18 years of age and agree to Herbalife Distributor Agreement.

    Herbalife, a network marketing firm, sells weight-loss, nutritional supplements, energy and sports drinks, and business training based on science. Its distributorship model offers a low startup cost and lucrative compensation plan that ranks among the top in the industry.

    As a Herbalife Member, it is your responsibility to keep in touch with those you sponsor. You will also be responsible for helping them grow their Herbalife Business. This includes answering customer questions promptly, encouraging them to attend meetings, and providing product and distribution information.

    To maintain Herbalife member status, you must meet minimum sales requirements and adhere to the company’s volume and production adjustment policies. You must also pay an annual fee to Herbalife for computer processing, among other services. This fee is refundable within 90 days after signing your Herbalife Independent Distributor Agreement and Application.

    Herbalife’s compliance department employs 250 people worldwide and takes misconduct very seriously. The company encourages distributors to act ethically and avoid associations with groups that are in conflict with their religious or political beliefs. Herbalife also prohibits its distributors to suggest that Herbalife offers a business or job opportunity, or use Herbalife products that imply such a thing.

    Distributors are required to use only Herbalife branded products and materials in their Herbalife businesses. They cannot resell Herbalife goods or divert them to a third party without permission from their Herbalife sponsor. They must abide by Herbalife’s sales and distribution regulations, which are fully defined in the Company’s Distributorship Agreement and in Herbalife literature and promotional materials.

    Distributors are prohibited from selling Herbalife on ecommerce websites and channels like Amazon, Healthkart. Snapdeal. Shopclues. FlipKart. PayTM, etc. Herbalife products can only be purchased through Herbalife retail locations, Herbalife website and Herbalife Call Centres.


    Herbalife is a direct-selling company whose independent contractors (Distributors) sell Herbalife products to customers and provide them with product guidance and social support. Distributors also earn sales commissions, bonuses and other incentives by building their own business organization and meeting Documented Volume and Royalty Point requirements. Distributors are fully responsible for ensuring compliance with the Sales & Marketing Plan and any other Herbalife-published policies, and for maintaining accurate records.

    Distributors are required to comply with all laws and policies published by Herbalife in their country of residence. They may not sell Herbalife products or services to minors, nor recruit minors as Distributors or Preferred Members. Herbalife reserves the right to refuse or terminate a Distributorship for violations of the law or any Company policies.

    Herbalife provides Distributors with information and products that are deemed to be of high quality and integrity, and the Distributor must use these to build their business. Herbalife also requires that Distributors treat their downline and customers with respect and honor their commitments to them.


    If a Distributorship is inherited, it must be transferred to the heir in accordance with the laws of their country of residence, the Sales & Marketing Plan, and Herbalife’s approval which shall not be unreasonably withheld. The inherited Distributorship has to be at least TAB Team level, and the heirs must meet the minimum Documented volume and Royalty Point criteria.

    Separation, divorce and dissolution of life partner relationship

    If a Distributor, or his/her spouse/Life partner, wishes to continue the Herbalife Business during divorce proceedings or after the termination of the Life Partnership relationship, they must establish a separate Distributorship with a different Sponsor. Herbalife will credit the activity of the new Distributorship with the performance of the original Distributorship, subject to applicable rules and regulations.

    If a Distributorship is inactive for 12 consecutive months or more, it will be deleted from the Herbalife database. Distributors who want to reactivate their accounts must submit a Change of Sponsorship Request form and comply with the Period of Inactivity Rule. Distributors will be able to retain their downline and upline sales, recruiting, personal and organizational awards as well as their existing product inventory, provided they establish a new Herbalife Distributorship with a different Sponsor.