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Get Herbalife products for up to 50% off!

Why Paying Retail Price For Herbalife Products When You Can Get Them At Huge Discount?

If you are using Herbalife products or plan to use them you can buy them directly from Herbalife at an instant 20% or 25% and it can even go up to 50% over time. It is very easy to get those discounts and all you have to do is join Herbalife. It can be done online, in just a few minutes and I will show you how to do it.

There are two Herbalife memberships available, distributor and preferred customer:

  • Herbalife distributors get 25% to 50% discounts on all their orders and can make money reselling Herbalife products and recruiting other Herbalife distributors.
  • Herbalife preferred customers  get 20% to 40% discount on their personal orders but are not allowed to resell.

So, if you only want to use the products for your own consumption only it is preferable to sign up as a preferred customer and get a 20% discount starting with your first order. The preferred customer welcome pack and annual fees are less than those the distributors pay (about $35 for the welcome pack and $15 annually) and your discount can go up to 40% depending on how many products you order over a 12 months period.

If you want to start a Herbalife business and sell their products to other people at a huge profit then you have to sign up as a distributor. You will start with a 25% discount and it can go up to 50% when you volume increase. The distributor welcome pack costs (and annual fees) are a little higher but you will get the equivalent of that you pay in Herbalife products anyway.

In order to join Herbalife, both as distributor or preferred customer, you have to be sponsored by an existing Herbalife member.  I will be glad to introduce you, just send me an WhatsApp text and I will help you register.