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How Much Do Herbalife Distributors Make?

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    It’s important to learn how to be an effective marketer, whether you’re thinking about Herbalife, or are already in business. That way you can pocket more retail profit and recruit a larger Herbalife team.

    Herbalife does a bit of mathematical gymnastics to calculate distributor discounts. They remove the Packaging & Handling line item on invoices, for example.

    Sales Commissions

    Herbalife pays distributors a percentage of the sales they generate. This amount can range from a few extra hundred US dollars per month to over 1 million US dollars each year. Your ability to build a Herbalife company will determine how much money you earn. It is also important to note that Herbalife requires you to buy a certain amount of product each month in order to qualify for commissions. These purchases are known as Volume Points (VP).

    Herbalife’s compensation plan is similar to other multilevel marketing (MLM) companies. Distributors receive a small percentage from the retail price of each product that they sell. In addition, Herbalife distributors can make a larger percentage of sales if they are able to recruit new members to their team.

    The company claims that it offers one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. However, the payouts that Herbalife’s distributors receive fall far short of the projections that are presented during recruitment presentations. Herbalife’s convoluted compensation scheme diverts money from the rank-and-file to corporate coffers, and top recruiters.

    To make a profit, Herbalife distributors must sell enough product to reach their minimum quota each year. This quota is determined by the number of products a distributor sells, plus the number of new preferred members recruited into his or her team. Herbalife also offers a monthly bonus based on how many VP points a distributor has earned in a given month.

    To qualify for the 5% Production Bonus, Herbalife distributors must spend at least 500 VP points each month. This is a big requirement that can be difficult for distributors, particularly in low-income areas where Herbalife products are sold at high prices.

    Getting to the Supervisor rank in Herbalife takes time and patience. Once a distributor reaches the Supervisor rank, they will begin earning a 50 percent discount on products and a 1 to 5 percent royalty payment override on each sale made by their downline. Herbalife, despite its high earnings, is a disguised pyramid scheme. Herbalife is not a traditional pyramid scheme. Instead, it pays for recruiting rather than selling its expensive products.

    Downline Commissions

    Distributors can earn money in Herbalife’s compensation plan by selling products to customers or recruiting new members. They can also qualify for incentives like product discounts and production bonuses. This compensation structure is designed to reward distributors who work hard and build large teams of their own. Herbalife says its compensation plan is among the most generous of the direct-selling industry. Its army of recruiters sells this plan in glossy slide shows in packed hotel ballrooms and one-on-one back-of-the-envelope pitches in their neighbors’ living rooms.

    The problem is that Herbalife’s compensation plan does not deliver on the promises its recruiters make. Instead, Herbalife uses convoluted math and excessive fees to divert money away from the rank-and-file distributors into Herbalife’s coffers and top recruiters’ pockets.

    Herbalife, for example, charges “Logistics”, “Pick Up & Handling”, and “Shipment” fees when distributors choose to skip shipping and pick up their orders at Herbalife warehouses and load them in their cars. These fees are added to the product cost, which is then used to calculate a distributor’s retail sales and commissions. In our calculations, these fees and taxes add up to more than 35% of the Herbalife product cost — a far cry from the 35% discount that Herbalife promises Senior Consultants who sell at Retail Price.

    Herbalife’s failure in including these easily quantifiable expenses in its financial projections are deceptive and inaccurate. It’s one to note that a distributor might incur extra costs, such as home office expenses or gasoline. But it’s another to exclude these easily quantifiable expenses from presentations highlighting Herbalife business opportunity’s economics.

    Herbalife distributors cannot earn a life-changing income because of the compensation structure. Some people will succeed but the vast majority of distributors will fail. All depends on the distributor’s motivation and commitment.

    Is it building a large team and becoming wealthy? Or, is it to help others achieve their health and wellness goals by sharing the Herbalife products they love? This answer will determine if a person succeeds in this business. If you are not committed to Herbalife’s mission, you will likely not last long – no matter what you earn!

    Sponsoring Fees

    Herbalife, a network marketing firm, allows you to earn money by selling products and recruiting distributors. You will also receive a commission for their sales as well as bonuses if you reach certain goals. However, the success of your Herbalife business depends on how much time and effort you put into it. Some people are able to build a lucrative Herbalife business while others struggle to earn a living from it.

    In order to make money from Herbalife, you must have a strong marketing strategy and be able to recruit a large team of distributors. The company also offers several ways to market its products, including online, offline, and through social media. Herbalife can be profitable even if you work part-time if you have a solid marketing plan.

    Unlike traditional businesses, Herbalife does not pay its distributors a salary. Herbalife relies on sales and recruitment fees to generate revenue. Direct sales is a type of compensation structure that can be very lucrative if you’re successful.

    If you’re considering becoming an Herbalife distributor, it’s important to understand the product cost to see how much you can really make from the company. The company hides these costs behind a non-GAAP accounting account known as Distributor Allowances. This is a big red flag, and you should check out the company’s 10-K or 10-Q filings prior to making any decisions.

    The truth is, Herbalife is a pyramid scheme and it’s not a great place to invest your money. The company’s business model is based on selling shake mixes and nutritional supplements. These products are popular with consumers, but they are not necessarily good for you. These products are high in sugar and artificial ingredients which can be harmful to your health.

    There are several reasons why Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. It has a high entry barrier. Anyone can join Herbalife and start selling products. Herbalife is unable to compete with its established competitors. Secondly, it does not disclose its actual sales figures in its marketing materials. Herbalife doesn’t disclose its retail margins in their presentations. This is a big red flag that Herbalife is not being transparent with its distributors.


    Herbalife offers a variety of rewards, bonuses and royalties to its hard-working distributors. These incentives encourage distributors to strive harder and achieve higher levels. They include cash prizes, free products, and vacation bonus. Herbalife is one of the few companies in the world that offer such incentives to its distributors. This is a great incentive for people to join Herbalife’s distribution business.

    It is important that a new Herbalife Distributor understands that this is a business model based on network marketing. It is not enough for you to sell Herbalife to your family and friends. In order to make a profit, you need to build a large team of distributors and get referrals. If you don’t do this, you will not be able to succeed in Herbalife.

    Herbalife’s compensation plan also distorts distributor buying habits. Herbalife compensates distributors by using a complicated calculation to conceal the true retail price. The company calculates the distributor’s discounted product price by subtracting 25% of the Earn Base from the Retail Price. The distributor is hit twice by this calculation, as it subtracts and then adds the lower number.

    Herbalife has other tricks up its sleeves. For example, it recently changed its pricing structure. It removed the “Shipping & Handling ” line item from distributor bills and added a line item “Service & Shipping”. The company also increased their Retail Prices by around 5%. Herbalife’s new pricing structure increased its profit margin. While this is an improvement, it’s still not as fair as the old system.