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How Much Discount Do Herbalife Distributors Get?

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    Herbalife’s convoluted compensation scheme funnels money away from distributors to the company’s coffers, and into the pockets of top recruiters. For example, the egregious “Packaging & Handling” and “Shipping” charges on distributor invoices generated massive revenues.

    Herbalife’s new distributors are frequently misled as to how much money they can earn and save by moving up the plan. This article will shed light on the plan and its underlying costs.


    Herbalife distributors are eligible to buy products at wholesale discounts once they earn 500 VP per month. The amount of VP that is required to qualify for the discounted product purchase varies by country, and distributors should contact their local Herbalife representative to find out more information. In some countries, the company offers a marketing package that includes additional product samples and promotional materials. The cost of the marketing pack varies by country, but is typically around $54.

    Herbalife’s compensation and discount system benefits those at the top, often to new recruits’ detriment. Herbalife distributors must meet high qualification standards and purchase large quantities of products in order to earn a decent living. This can be challenging, especially when Herbalife offers promotions with high qualifications thresholds lasting 3 or 4 months. In these promotions, distributors upline will push their downline to buy large quantities of Herbalife product to meet the qualification requirements.

    Pricing structure is another problem. Herbalife’s use of Earn Base to shrink distributors’ discounts impairs their retailing profits, and it is inappropriate for Herbalife to exclude these easily quantifiable costs from its projections in presentations that showcase the economics of Herbalife’s business opportunity. It’s one thing to note that distributors may incur expenses like home office costs or gas, but quite another to exclude those costs from projections when promoting Herbalife’s generous discounts and commissions.

    Herbalife also hides a variety of other charges from distributors. The packaging and handling fee was hidden in Earn base in 2013 as the most egregious case. This charge increases distributors costs above Herbalife Retail Price, and requires them absorb these expenses if selling Herbalife Products at Retail Price. Herbalife also fails to disclose this charge in its presentations and marketing materials, making it difficult for potential recruits to make an informed decision about the Herbalife business opportunity.

    Herbalife’s marketing plan focuses on retailing the products, recruiting and retaining downline and customer distributors, and using the products for personal consumption. Distributors are encouraged to purchase products at substantial wholesale discounted prices and resell them in the market. They don’t have to meet a quota or compete in a pricing war. The Herbalife distribution program begins with a 25% wholesale discount for new distributors.


    Herbalife distributors earn a commission on the sales of Herbalife products, as well as bonuses for meeting specific performance goals. They also receive a discount on Herbalife’s products. They can sell to retail customers, or directly to Herbalife distributors. The company offers training and other support for distributors to succeed in their business. In the beginning, new Herbalife distributors should focus on selling their products to friends and family members. They can then build up a network loyal Herbalife clients and get feedback from them.

    Getting started in Herbalife is fairly simple, and the start-up kit includes a membership, product samples, and marketing materials. This is a good way to see if you like the compensation system of the company. There are also several other starter kits, including access to Herbalife’s e-learning portal and additional product samples. The most expensive Herbalife kit costs $499 USD and includes three sets of marketing materials.

    In the United States, Herbalife has an estimated 1.9 million active distributors. These distributors earn income based on the sales of Herbalife products to retail customers, as well as from bonuses and other incentives for meeting performance goals. Herbalife denies that its distribution model is similar to a pyramid scheme.

    The company recently restructured their compensation plan in order to eliminate the dependence on recruiting other distributors, and to require that at least two thirds of the rewards paid out to business opportunity participants be based on real retail sales which can be tracked and confirmed. This is a blow for hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, whose Pershing Square Capital Management has been trying to paint Herbalife in the light of a pyramid scheme.

    Many Herbalife promoters use misleading discounts and commission percentages to lure people into their business opportunities. The company’s annual report discloses the commissions earned US Herbalife distributors. However, the footnotes of those reports and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal the disclosures only reflect commissions from a fraction of the network.


    Herbalife Distributors get rewards from the company when they achieve certain levels. These rewards include free product, business training, and special events. These rewards encourage distributors recruit new members to their business. The company also offers incentives for completing a sales goal. The value of these rewards depends on the individual’s goals. If money is the only reason someone wants to join Herbalife, they may not be able to stay with the business for long.

    The first level of reward for Herbalife Distributors is retail profit. The first level of reward is retail profit. This starts at 25 percent and increases to 35 percent, 42 cents and finally 50 per cent as the distributor reaches supervisor status. In addition, distributors earn bonuses based on their turnover and status in the marketing plan.

    However, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make any money in Herbalife. According to a study by Robert FitzPatrick, an expert on MLMs, it can take at least five and a half years for Herbalife distributors to break even. In addition, Herbalife has been accused of being a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is an illegal business where participants get their money by recruiting others, rather than selling products to the end user.

    Herbalife distributors need to sell at least 80% of their products to customers who are considered end-users in order to make a profitable sale. Otherwise, they must reduce their rewards. Herbalife distributors cannot pay for the lease or purchase of locations to run “Nutrition clubs” or other businesses until they have completed their first year in the role as a distributor and the company’s training program.

    As a Herbalife Distributor, you’ll need to promote the business in your social circle and network. You can either use your existing contacts or reach out to potential customers online to promote Herbalife. This is a great way to build your brand and expand your customer base.

    A key factor to success as a Herbalife distributor is to focus on helping other people achieve their health and fitness goals. If you can help others achieve their goals, you will find that they will want to promote your business for you. To achieve this, you will need to learn to become a more effective marketer. My free training will show you how to increase your Herbalife Distributor profits and attract more customers.

    Compensation Plan

    Herbalife offers one of the most comprehensive compensation plans in the industry. It offers several different ways to earn money, including retail sales commissions and downline commissions. It also includes production bonuses and leader rewards. The company also provides a variety of tools and training to help new distributors succeed. Herbalife also offers a flexible schedule and the chance to earn a full-time salary.

    The Herbalife compensation plan is based on product sales and recruiting of new distributors. Distributors are encouraged by Herbalife to purchase products at wholesale prices and resell them for retail prices. There is no specific sales quota, and distributors are encouraged to recruit new people and retain existing ones. This business model is called network marketing and has become a popular way to earn an extra income.

    As a distributor, you can choose to earn money from three main areas: retail sales, downline sales, and sponsoring. You can do as little or as much of each as you like. Moreover, you can even do this while working your normal job or doing other activities.

    Herbalife is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company that has a global presence in 94 countries. The company’s compensation plan pays distributors a percentage of each sale that their customers and downlines make. This is a good way to build your business, especially if many of your friends and family are interested in these products.

    Herbalife often embellishes the potential profits of retailing its products during presentations. During these presentations, the company fails to disclose costs that are easily quantifiable, such as gas and home office expenses. Herbalife also does not disclose how many actual end-user products it sells.

    Herbalife pays its distributors a production bonus in addition to traditional retail sales. This bonus is available at infinite levels. The amount paid depends on the team level, but usually starts at around 2-7% of total sales. This bonus is meant to incentivize recruitment, and it can be very lucrative for distributors who reach the GET team or higher.