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Herbalife Herbal Control Benefits

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    Herbalife Herbal Control benefits is a weight-loss supplement that promotes a healthy diet and weight management. It contains green, black and oolong teas along with natural added caffeine which helps to boost metabolism and provide an energetic sensation.

    There have been reports of toxic hepatitis related to Herbalife products. The cases are difficult to evaluate for causality because of the variable formulation and botanicals used and the difficulty in obtaining liver biopsies for examination.

    Weight Management

    Herbalife has a variety of weight loss products that can help you lose excess pounds and manage your appetite. Some of these include Herbalife total control, which contains yerba mate and green tea, which have both been shown to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. It also contains polyphenols that increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure. Herbalife Total Control 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals will help you reduce overeating and make you feel full.

    Other Herbalife weight management products focus on improving your digestive health and boosting your energy levels. You can use them as meal replacements, snacks or supplements to change your eating patterns. They contain high amounts of sugar, so you will need to limit the amount of these products that you consume. These products are also expensive and lack scientific evidence to support their claims.

    The company has recently launched a new product that targets weight loss with an ingredient called Litramine, which is extracted from prickly pear cactus. This ingredient has been tested in several placebo-controlled clinical trials. However, the results have yet to be published. The company promotes this product to help consumers curb their occasional overindulgence of high fat foods, and lose weight more efficiently.

    Two months after taking multiple Herbalife weight loss supplements, a 37-year-old woman developed nausea and epigastric pain. She also developed jaundice. These included Formula 1 shake mix, Cell Activator, Herbal Concentrate Original and Total Control Formula. The patient denied alcohol and drug abuse. The standard blood tests for hepatitis A and B, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiencies, liver/kidney functions, bile-duct disease, and coagulopathy came back negative. The serum ALT and AST levels were elevated, with a minimal increase in the alkaline phosphatase. A liver biopsy revealed cholestasis.

    Hepatotoxicity associated with Herbalife products has been reported in over 50 patients in the literature. In most cases the latency period is long (from one month to more than a year), and symptoms start slowly with fatigue, nausea, abdominal discomfort or diarrhea. The pattern of serum ALT elevations is typically hepatocellular, with a markedly elevated ALT but a minimal elevation of alkaline phosphatase.

    Energy Boost

    Herbalife Herbal Control is a multi-ingredient nutritional supplement that contains green, black and oolong tea extracts and natural caffeine to help boost metabolism and energy. It is designed to complement a program of balanced diet and physical activity for weight management.

    Total control Herbalife’s advanced formula, which is non-ephedra, helps you to burn fat, increase your metabolic rate, and suppress your hunger. The ingredients of this herbal supplement are clinically tested and are proven to be effective in burning your fat cells while keeping your energy high and boosting your energy level.

    Yerba Mate, a key ingredient in Herbalife total control, has thermogenic and appetite-suppressing properties that help you lose weight. It also has powerful EGCG catechins that help your body burn your fat cells and inhibit your body’s ability to store them.

    Herbalife Total Control contains oolong, which is rich in natural antioxidants that help prevent the accumulation of toxins and fatty acids in your body. These antioxidants protect the liver, which is why this product is so effective in treating and preventing obesity and weight gain.

    In addition, oolong tea has natural thermogenic effects that promote your metabolic rate and can also help you burn your fat more efficiently. Ginger is the other herbal ingredient found in Herbalife total control. Ginger is known for its calming effects on your digestive system. It has been used on airplanes for years to calm passengers’ stomachs.

    This Herbalife supplement also contains acai berry extract, which is rich in amino acids that support your weight loss by preventing your body from storing excess fat. It helps you reduce your cravings and control your appetite, which will increase your energy. This Herbalife product is also low in calories and has no sugar. This is a healthy alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks that are high in unhealthy carbohydrates and fats. This Herbalife product is vegan-friendly and free of artificial flavors or preservatives. It is also gluten-free and has no artificial colours. Vitamin C is also present, which is important for healthy cells as well as boosting your immunity.

    Digestive Support

    Herbalife products contain high levels of fiber, protein and essential fatty acids, which support digestion. This improves your metabolism and helps the body absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Toxins can interfere with the body’s ability to lose weight, as they block fat burning and increase appetite. Herbalife Formula 1 contains a balanced mixture of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins. It also contains a healthy amount of potassium and phosphorus. The company recommends drinking a liter of water along with the shake. This will increase your urine output and help the body release toxins more easily.

    Toxins in the digestive tract can interfere with nutrient absorption and cause intestinal inflammation. The Herbal Aloe Concentrate contains aloe vera that provides soothing support for the small intestine, helping you absorb important nutrients and improve immune function. It also contains guarana extract, bulking agent (sorbitol), vitamin A palmitate, riboflavin 5′-phosphate sodium, nicotinamide, calcium-D-pantothenate, flavourings, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), and colour (beta carotene).

    Herbalife products may interact with certain medications including antibiotics. Some people may also experience an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to soy you may find it difficult to lose weight using Herbalife products. Many of these products contain phytoestrogens which are plant-derived estrogens. These can interfere with hormones, and cause health problems. Herbalife products can also contain shellfish. If you are allergic to shellfish, this could be dangerous.

    Liver injury has been attributed to Herbalife products, but the cases are usually mild-to-moderate in severity and self-limited, with most patients resolving within 2 months of discontinuation. In some cases, severe liver damage, such as cirrhosis, has developed, but this is rare and not well documented in the available literature.

    A micronutrients test can be used to determine if Herbalife products cause vitamin or mineral deficiencies. This test measures your levels of vitamins B12, D, E, K, magnesium, selenium and copper. These nutrients are crucial for a number of body functions, from maintaining healthy bones to supporting the immune system and normal growth. The test is available from a certified lab and takes just a few days to complete.

    Immune Support

    Herbalife’s products are formulated with immune-supporting ingredients. The Herbalife Immune Essentials supplement contains epigallocatechin gallate, which helps to maintain healthy cells; Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system; and Zinc, which plays a role in maintaining a balanced diet. The Herbalife Immune Booster powder can be added to other Herbalife products, such as the Herbal Tea Concentrate or Herbal Aloe Concentrate, to provide a nutritious boost for your immune system. It’s the perfect addition to your regular Herbalife nutrition shake.

    Herbalife also offers an appetite suppressant, Yerba Mate, and a weight-loss formula containing green tea extract. Both contain yerba mat, which is thermogenic and helps suppress appetite. Herbalife Total Control also contains EGCG catechins, which have been shown to boost the metabolism and promote fat oxidation.