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Blue Blast Sugar Free Drink Mix

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    Using a mix of Herbalife products, you can make a smoothie with less than 60 calories. The nutritional facts for each smoothie flavor may vary.

    Herbalife uses a classic multilevel marketing model to sign up distributors who sling protein powders and meal replacement shakes and “beauty tea” supplements in stores they call nutrition clubs. Stockstill and other owners of Herbalife shops must adhere to a set of strict rules in order to maintain their business.

    Zero Calorie

    Try GramZero’s BLUE BLAST Sugar Free Drink Mix if you want to make your DIY Loaded Tea. This tea flavor is Keto Friendly and sweetened only with Organic Stevia. One 4.5 Oz pouch contains 80 servings!

    As technicolor tea shops emblazoned with Herbalife logos and wellness lingo continue to open across small-town America at a breakneck pace, many of these nutrition clubs aren’t so secretive about their affiliation with the multilevel marketing company. Known as “nutrition clubs,” these establishments operate primarily as Herbalife distributors and sell the company’s shakes, teas, snacks, and supplements to consumers at an enormous markup.

    Herbalife products are sold at the Herbalife nutrition center in Paris, Texas. These include the brand’s Formula 1 meal-replacement shake, a cup Herbalife aloe juice, a snack known as a “donut-hole shot,” and beauty beverages like collagen-infused herbal drinks. Each Herbalife beverage costs upwards $8. The nutrition club’s owner, Stacey Stockstill, says she earns a commission on each beverage and on the sales of Herbalife powder mixes to customers who visit the nutrition store and ask for Herbalife products.

    She claims that in the early days of Herbalife, she and her husband spent close to $2,000 a month on Herbalife products alone. To help cut costs, they started posting recipes for Herbalife-inspired loaded teas on Instagram and TikTok–but without the expensive Herbalife ingredients. In addition, they use a variety of other cheaper ingredients, including flavored teas, goji berries, and 4C Energy Rush, a caffeinated guarana powder from a different brand.

    After a few years, Herbalife told the Stockstills that their shop was in violation of a series of rules that require nutrition clubs to keep meticulous records and limit the number of Herbalife products they sell to each customer. As a result, the couple is now in compliance and working to expand their business. But they say that the experience has left them a bit bitter. “I feel like I was taken advantage of,” she says. “I am a mom, who has been working hard to provide for my family. But now I feel that this is not the right place for me.”

    No Artificial Sweeteners

    Boosted Teas are a big hit on social media. They’re easy to make, taste great, and have a lot of health benefits. What’s less known is that they’re also a great option for Herbalife fans who don’t want to spend the money on shakes and supplements as part of Herbalife MLM business model.

    Nutrition clubs are located all over the country and operate like technicolor shops. They are almost always associated with Herbalife. They serve Herbalife protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, and flavored teas, and every customer who walks in has the potential to become a new downline for the club’s distributors.

    Herbalife nutrition clubs used to be small, hidden shops in parking lots and strip malls. Customers would show up and purchase a drink or two while chatting with the distributors behind the counter. Typically, the club’s owners were Latinx women who lived in the same neighborhood and viewed Herbalife as a way to support their families while working from home.

    Herbalife Blue Blast contains no artificial sweeteners, except for stevia. Stevia is a natural, low-calorie, plant-based sweetener that’s also available in powder form. However, the long-term effects of consuming stevia haven’t been fully studied. Some research has shown that stevia may alter gut bacteria and reduce insulin sensitivity.

    After signing their lease and purchasing their Herbalife equipment, the Stockstills received a list of drink recipes and training from their upline. They were also trained on the extensive paperwork Herbalife demands of its nutrition club owners in order to ensure compliance with the many guidelines of the company. This included a requirement for each purchase to be recorded in a ledger. They had to hire someone to take care of the paperwork, while another employee made drinks.

    While some Herbalife nutrition centers are now located in more upscale areas, the majority remain in less-served parts of town and operate from private homes. Many owners have complained about feeling isolated from their community. The focus is more on recruiting new distributors and slinging the powders than creating a supportive network of #bossbabes.

    No Artificial Flavors

    The absence of artificial flavors makes the drink an ideal choice for those with a sensitive stomach or who are following a vegan diet. The product is also a great choice for those who do not want to consume artificial sweeteners but still enjoy a sugar-free drink. The flavor is light and refreshing with a hint citrus. It is made from natural ingredients including real fruit extracts and juices. It is available in a variety of different flavors.

    Herbalife, a multilevel-marketing company, sells weight loss products, wellness products, and nutrition supplements. Its flagship products are protein shake mixes, but it also offers vitamins, supplements, and teas. Its distributors, or “club members,” earn money by selling the products to consumers and recruiting new club members. In addition to slinging products, nutrition clubs also host parties and provide personal training.

    When Danielle McCalla signed up for a gym membership in her town, she was offered a free sample of Herbalife’s protein shake. She liked it so much that she decided to become a Herbalife Member. Soon, she was attending seminars and slinging Herbalife products out of her own nutrition club. She also worked behind the counter at her local gym’s Herbalife nutrition club, where she would make teas and protein shakes.

    Like many Herbalife distributors, McCalla was making a full-time living out of her nutrition club. She invested in a large supply of Herbalife ingredients and hired an employee to handle Herbalife’s complex documentation requirements. Herbalife required her to attend regular trainings and meetings on how to run a profitable business.

    Then, in 2022, Herbalife began requiring club owners to upgrade their inventory. Some nutrition clubs have switched to cheaper alternatives from Herbalife. These “dupes” or DIY versions of Herbalife’s nutrition club drinks are becoming increasingly popular among Herbalife enthusiasts and the general population. Some people do it to support the nutritional industry, while other do it to save some money. Herbalife faces a lot of competition, regardless of the reason.

    No Artificial Colors

    BLUE Blast Sugar Free Drink Mixes are sweetened ONLY with Organic Stevia. This makes it a perfect Low Carb Drink Alternative and Keto Friendly drink! This deliciously loaded tea flavor is available in a 4.5 Oz pouch that contains 80 servings! This is the same flavor that nutrition clubs in America use as part of their 0 Calorie Teas and Meal Replacement Shakes recipes. These nutrition clubs often use powders that are available at Walmart, grocery stores, discount and dollar stores. The only difference is that the 4C drinks contain caffeine.

    Herbalife, a multilevel-marketing (MLM) firm, sells dietary supplement and “nutritional mix” to distributors that run nutrition clubs. These nutrition clubs are Herbalife affiliated and make almost all of their drinks using Herbalife products. They often look like technicolor shops with loaded teas and wellness lingo on the menu. They also require a Herbalife membership, which costs at least $100, to sell products in their shop and receive commissions from the sales of new members.

    Herbalife, like many MLMs, is widely distrusted. Herbalife distributors are harassed by the public and those who leave report feeling isolated from their community. But the nutrition clubs are booming, and they’re popping up in small towns at an impressive rate. Five Herbalife nutrition clubs are located in my hometown, which has 25,000 residents.

    One of these nutrition clubs is owned by a family in town that had a good experience at Herbalife’s gym, where they signed up to use its workout equipment and purchased Herbalife products. Their upline sold them a complete menu of Herbalife recipes and trained them on Herbalife guidelines. These include recording every purchase and requiring that a separate employee handle the documentation while another prepares drinks.